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Experienced Video Editor

Brian Caiazza Headshot

Brian Caiazza – Videographer/Photographer

Hello and thank you for the cosnderation. I am an experienced video editor/videographer and photographer with a background in marketing and visual communications. I am in Columbus, Ohio but am capable of working remotely for clients.

I have a 1500 sq ft studio with multiple shooting areas. It’s great for shooting training videos, testimonial videos, and promotional videos. 

My clients run the gammut from a local Fortune 20 company to individual entrepreneurs. Because of confidentiality agreeements with my clients, I can’t share most of my work publically. However, I can share them privately. Just let me know what you need and we can figure out what makes sense. You can also review the videos on the video production page of this site or check out my YouTube channel. 

If you’d like to learn more about me, visit my LinkedIn profile or if you think I’d be a good fit for your video project, let’s talk. I’m looking forward to earning your business.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Video Editor

How long does it take for you to edit a video? 
The total time to edit a video depends on the scope of the project. However, I am a pretty quick editor and so I usualy can have revisions to a client within a couple of days (sometimes sooner). 

How can I review a video? 
Your video will be uploaded and password protected on my hosting site.  You and your stakeholders can make comments directly on the video page. I’ll use those when making revisions to your video. 

What are your video editor rates? 
I’m happy to share rates with companies that are considering hring me. My rates they are competitive and I’ll glaldy provide an estimate once we define a scope. 

Do you do more than edit video? 
Absolutely. I’m happy to help out however I can. Other services I provide are: 

  • Script writing and storyboarding
  • Video recording
  • Motion graphics
  • Product photography

Is there an additional charge for shooting in the studio? 
My studio is for rent but there is no additional charge if I am shooting in the studio for you. It’s included in the rate.  

What can be shot in the studio? 
A lot. I’ve had a variety of things in the studio including:

  • Actors
  • Athletes
  • Cars
  • Cosmetic products
  • Furniture
  • Motorcylces
  • Medical attire, devices, equipment and supplies
  • Pets
  • Table settings
  • Vitamins and supplements